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Do you know how many do totalizing the visitor which have paid a visit to your blog? where are they come from? search engine or other blog?

If you feel to confused about the question, the answer is you need a tool to know all of that. To get the tool, you can look for it in internet. And don't worry about money because many sites provide this service for free of charge, one of them is http://www.sitemeter.com.

By using the tool from this site, hence you as blog owner will know how many do totalizing the visitor which have paid a visit to your blog, where from they come, what is from search engine or not, with what keyword do they pay a visit, and also still many other function.

Interest to install site meter tool at your blog? please following the steps :

1. Please visit to http://www.sitemeter.com.

2. Click Sign up for Site Meter basic Free.

3. Insert your information at the column. there is about your blog/site, your blog name, your code name and your Current time. Dont forget to give a mark at the little box beside By checking this box I agree to be bound by Sitemeter's Terms of Service Agreement.

4. Click "Next >>" button.

5. Insert your information about Email Address, Title, Your ZIP Code, Country, and Gender.

6. Click "Next >>" button.

7. After out new page, click "Next >>" button again.

8. After your sign up process is done, you have to do verification. Please login to your mail account.

9. Open the mail from site meter, there is your user name and password.

10. Login to site meter with your ID.

11. Click "Manager" at the top.

12. Click "Meter Style" to choose your meter style.

13. Choose your meter style you want and then click "Select"

14. Click "HTML Code"

15. Click "Adding site Meter to a Blogger.com Site"

16. Copy the code and then paste to "Notepad" or other text editor. Save to your computer.

17. Click "Logout" and then close your browser page.

18. Done. now you have a Site meter code to added at your blog.

Next step is adding site meter code to your blog. Please follow the steps :

1. Login to blogger with your ID.

2. After entering the dasboard page , click Layout. Please see the picture :


3. Click at Page Element tab. See the picture below :

page element

4. Click at Add a Page element.

5. After emerging pop up window , Klik add to blog button for the
things HTML/JavaScript. See the picture following :


6.Open your Site Meter code, copy and then paste into available column.


  1. save changes

8.Done. Please see the result.

Now you have a Site Meter tool at your blog, until now you will know the statistic of your blog.

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