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The Basics Of Pay Per Click

What is Google AdwordsIn the PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising model, you have three core elements – keywords , ads , and bids . These three elements are combined with ‘ placement ‘ to create an advertising model that displays ‘relevant’ ads on search engines (in response to keyword searches), portals and websites that opt to display such ads on their pages (the ads to be shown are determined by a keyword analysis of the page).

What is Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the leading PPC engine on the Internet, although it’s closely followed by Overture.

Google AdWordsGoogle is totally automated – your ads go live within minutes of being written. This is one of the two significant advantages AdWords has over its competition – no need to wait for ‘approval’ of your keywords and ads, which can take a few days on other PPC engines.

Google AdWords does not charge you your maximum bid amount, but just one cent more than the bid lower than yours. On the other hand, AdWords bids are not transparent like Overture – bidders have no idea what their competition is bidding. This reduces the threat of bidding wars.

The second advantage of AdWords is that it includes conversion rate calculations in its ad-ranking algorithm. Simply put, your ad may rank higher than your competitors’ even if you are bidding lower, just because you have a higher conversion rate. AdWords rewards ads that are better written, and thus provides a subtle barrier against ad spam.

PPC advertising has become the ultimate marketing tool for testing new ad campaigns, business models and landing pages without spending too much money. Where else can you test a sales page by sending it 100 leads for $5?

AdwordsIf you are looking to promote your website / product effectively but cannot wait for your search engine rankings to show on Google or Yahoo, you should seriously consider PPC advertising as an advertising tool that not only brings in instant traffic (and sales), but is a hedge against ranking fluctuations by ensuring that you stay on the top page for your target keywords.


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