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RSS Feeder site is like a place where people can find a collection of million of different site in one place.
Feedburner is a tools where you can use to make your RSS become better than it suppose to be. (You can use this to show your reader and you can analyze what happen to your feed).
Google reader is a reader tools. Same like you subscribe to an RSS using your browser and you read it in there.

This is why you got an option to make it as a summary in RSS or as a full text. And this is why you need to make your post as interesting as it could be. If you make your RSS as an summary and people like the topic, they sure will visit your site to read more. Without this RSS, they do not need to go your site many times a days to see any updates.

Thanks to this RSS that it save our time a lot and we are able to learn whether the site had been updated or not.. In case it is not updated then it would be so annoying to visit it. With this RSS you can create a loyal readers. Let them know your news and you tell them the news. So when they like your writting they sure will always be supporting you.

just go to http://www.feedburner.com

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